How to make a Korean corn dog

Is there much else tasty or unimaginably fun than a Korean corn dog?! The sweet and appetizing mix of the fresh external hitter and the stretchy cheddar pulls – I’m dependent!

Assuming you’ve observed any K-dramatization or are somewhat keen on Korean culture, you’ve seen Korean corn dog: delightfully broiled, brilliant battered franks with mozzarella on a stick, cleaned with a shimmering sprinkle of sugar.

Korean corn dog are wherever road food is a thing and it’s not actually it they’re so famous to shock that. I had a Korean corn canine way once upon a time when travel was as yet a thing, straight from the fryer and it was superb. The cheddar was melty and the player was fresh and exquisite. I’ve been missing travel like insane and making Korean corn canines at home is the following best thing so we are right here.

What is a Korean corn dog?
Korean corn dog are wieners, rice cakes, fish cakes, or mozzarella cheddar covered in a player (and here and there panko, french fry pieces, or ramen) and southern style. They’re done with sugar and a mark spurt of your sauce of decision: ketchup, mayo, mustard, or every one of the three. They’re sweet and pungent and totally delightful.

A few Korean wieners are made with a yeasted player and some are made with a rice flour hitter. There are a great deal of varieties!

What makes Korean corn dog unique?
There are several distinctions between the corn canines you know and Korean corn canines. The principle contrast between corn canines and Korean corn canines lies in the hitter. American corn canines are battered in a cornmeal player and Korean corn canines are battered in a yeasted mixture or a rice flour hitter.

Korean corn dog are additionally gotten done with a sprinkling of sugar. Also, finally, Korean corn canines don’t really must have franks in them. There are a lot of Korean corn canines that are simply mozzarella cheddar, fish cake, or rice cakes.

Instructions to make a Korean corn dog

  • Gather. Begin by slicing the sausages down the middle. Cut the square of mozzarella cheddar into sticks generally the size of the split franks. Utilize a stick and stick, sausage, then cheddar. Place in the cooler to keep them cold.
  • Make the player. In a bowl, combine as one flour, milk, an egg, baking powder, sugar, and a touch of salt until thick and smooth. Empty the hitter into a tall cup so plunging the franks is more straightforward. Like the wieners and cheddar, it’s ideal to keep this in the refrigerator so it stays cold.
  • Plunge. Clutch the stick and plunge the sausages, covering totally, ensuring that the player is gripping to the wiener and cheddar.
  • Coat. Promptly take the battered wiener and coat it in panko, being certain to push on the panko delicately, guaranteeing that it’s totally covered in panko.
  • Sear. Heat up the oil over medium high hotness. You believe the oil temperature should be somewhere in the range of 350°F and 375°F. Whenever you add your corn canines, the oil temp will drop, so go for the gold beginning with. I utilize a moment read thermometer to ensure I’m in the right reach. Broil the covered corn canines, without swarming until brilliant and fresh. Utilize a couple or utensils or an opened spoon to painstakingly scoop them out and allow them to deplete on wire rack.
  • Appreciate. Sprinkle or roll the brilliant corn canine in sugar and wrap up with a squiggle of ketchup, mustard, or both.

Korean corn dog fixings

  • sausages – get your #1 kind of wiener and cut it into two. I go for standard all-meat wieners.
    mozzarella cheddar – it’s smarter to get a square of low dampness mozzarella cheddar and cut it into sticks for this formula, the cheddar holds up better while profound searing and gives you a superior cheddar pull. Assuming you just have cheddar string tidbits, that will work as well.
  • hitter – I went with a thick player produced using flour, eggs, milk, sugar, and a touch of salt. Some Korean corn canines are made with a yeasted or a rice player however I tracked down this formula on youtube and it looked pretty darn great. The player had exactly the intended effect!
  • panko – Most Korean corn canines are covered in panko, a cushioned Japanese breadcrumb. Panko is bigger and all the more unpredictably molded contrasted with standard breadcrumbs. It’s the key to light and firm breading. It’s worth the effort to purchase a pack of panko, particularly on the off chance that you love crunch. Panko is sold in most supermarkets in the Asian walkway yet it’s less expensive to get it at an Asian supermarket.
  • oil – You want around 2-4 cups of oil to profound fry your Korean corn canines. Go for a high smoke point oil as you believe that the oil temperature should be between 350°-375°F. The best oils for broiling are, arranged by most elevated to least smoke point: safflower, rice grain, soybean, corn, sunflower, canola, or grapeseed. You need a nonpartisan oil that has no flavor. We ordinarily purchase safflower since I believe it’s adorable, however go for what’s reasonable.
  • sugar – a roll in sugar adds a touch of pleasantness and crunch.
    ketchup and mustard – this depends on you, an adorable squiggle of one or both is notable.


  • Sticks. The sticks you utilize matter. In the event that they’re too thin they won’t hold up your Korean corn canine. It’s ideal to utilize a thick wooden stick (I utilized these ones) or a dispensable wooden chopstick. I lean toward the wooden sticks since they have a sharp tip.
  • Cold cheddar, sausages, and player. It’s critical to keep your mozzarella, franks, and player cold. Assuming they’re at room temp excessively lengthy or they warm up, the cheddar tends to overflow out when you’re profound broiling. It’s ideal in the event that you keep the canines and cheddar chilled for something like 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
  • The right mozzarella. Talking about cheddar, utilizing low dampness mozzarella blocks is vital. String cheddar will work however block mozzarella cut into sticks will be undeniably more stretchy and melty.
  • Hot oil. The best temp to sear these corn canines is 350°F. See the segment underneath to track down your ideal profound fry temp.
  • Each or two in turn. Assuming that this is your most memorable time, coat and broil the corn canines each or two in turn. This ensures that the cheddar and player stays cold in the refrigerator. The colder the cheddar and player, the less it will spill while you’re searing. Flawed cheddar in hot oil is a wreck!
  • Try not to avoid the sugar. The glossing over could appear to be extra yet that sweet and pungent combo makes Korean corn canines so great!
  • Potatoes. Cleaved up fries are one more well known covering for Korean corn canines. They’re called gamja franks and they’re a delightful mashup of corn canines and fries. Rather than covering in panko, roll your battered sausage in hacked up frozen french fries and panko then fry not surprisingly.

Instructions to actually look at your oil temperature
I truly suggest getting a moment understood thermometer so you get wonderful corn canines. In the event that you don’t have a thermometer, you can check assuming your oil is prepared with the thick wooden stick or dispensable chopstick. Place the stick into the oil.

No air pockets: the oil isn’t sufficiently hot.
Oil begins rising around the chopstick gently however consistently: you’re prepared to broil.
It appears as though it’s bubbling around your chopstick: your oil is excessively hot.

Likewise key is having sufficient oil so the corn canines can drift. This is the means by which you’ll get an even brilliant earthy colored tone.