How to Make Ginger Sesame Vegan Meatballs

In the event that you honestly love our Best Vegan Meatballs, we have an unexpected treat for you! We’ve taken that formula and given it a new and scrumptious twist: Ginger Sesame Vegan Meatballs! These wonders are fresh outwardly, delicate within, thus exquisite, gingery, and adaptable. We were unable to quit eating them right off the skillet!

They hold up flawlessly, making them ideal for preparing ahead to add to pan-sears, bowls, or a side of veggies! With only 9 fixings required, now is the ideal time to make (sans gluten and plant-based) meatballs!

How to Make Ginger Sesame Vegan Meatballs
These entire food-based wonders start with a flavorful base of hacked mushrooms sautéed in toasted sesame oil.


Garlic, ginger, green onion, and tamari add significantly more exquisite goodness, while maple syrup gives flavor balance.


Cooked quinoa and dark beans are the grain + vegetable combo that frames the “meat” of the formula.


In the wake of beating the bean and mushroom combination in a food processor, it shapes a wet mixture that is ideal for holding the quinoa together.


All that is left to do is structure the blend into balls.


Furthermore, heat until brilliant brown!


Now, you can hold up them for some other time, or appreciate immediately!


We really want to believe that you LOVE these vegetarian meatballs. They’re:

  • Exquisite
  • Gingery
  • Delicate within
  • Fresh outwardly
  • Adaptable
  • & SO Delicious!

While absolutely nibble capable right off the dish, these “meatballs” likewise work perfectly as a feast with steamed broccoli or cauliflower, teriyaki sauce, and your #1 grain (earthy colored rice, white rice, quinoa, coconut rice, millet).